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Are you interested in helping disadvantaged young people find work and passionate about social transformation? We’d love you to use your skills to help.

Spear is the flagship initiative of Resurgo Trust and is a highly interactive, award-winning six-week programme that equips and supports disadvantaged and unemployed 16 to 24 year olds to place them into long-term employment.

As part of the course there are a number of ways that volunteers can get involved.

Company visits

Each Spear programme includes a class of students being taken on a company visit. This is an opportunity for the students to experience an office environment, sometimes for the first time, as well as gaining an insight into the work of the organisation. Each visit takes two hours and usually involves a brief introduction to the company, Q&A session on the working environment and tour of the office, concluding with a group-based task and student presentation.

Mock interviews

Mock interviewing is a crucial part of the Spear programme, where we ask volunteers to interview our students, and then offer them feedback and coaching to help them improve. We also ask the students to interview volunteers to find out about more about the realities, benefits and challenges in the working world. Mock interviews enable our students to build their confidence and practice the new skills they have developed throughout the Spear programme.

Graduation evenings

Our Graduation ceremonies happen at the end of the course and are a great way to see the work that we do and celebrate the achievements of our young people. All are welcome.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Esli Lees
Hospitality & Lifegroups Coordinator
T: 020 8748 3855
E: teams@sph.org

"We love volunteering at St Paul's because we feel called to do it and we love the privilege of working in this way so we're able to witness Jesus Christ.'' Sandy and Baz


"Volunteering at the Spear Party allowed me to experience community at its best. It was a great night of celebration, we had so much fun, and it was really interesting to see how much work it takes to make a charity fundraising event so spectacular!" Hannah


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