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Crosslight Logo final smallThe Crosslight Debt Advice Centre offers congregation and community members hope and help with their finances, especially debt.

Finding yourself in debt or financial difficulty can be a frightening and sometimes bewildering experience which can leave you feeling lost, not knowing which way to turn. Even if you’re not in debt, money has a habit of getting on top of life, leaving many of us with too much month left at the end of our money!  St Paul’s can help in two ways, depending on your circumstances.

Crosslight Debt Advice

For those who find themselves in serious debt, regardless of the cause, we have a team of experienced staff and volunteer advisors who are trained to help. Most of us at one time or another will have got ourselves into some kind of financial difficulty, and so we promise never to judge. Whatever your situation, we will help you back onto the road of financial stability. We deal with all types of issues from rent or housing arrears, to credit card debts, council tax arrears, and personal loans. Everything you tell us will be treated in the strictest confidence.

One client said after his first appointment:  “I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders and at last there is a light at the end of the tunnel”.

Anyone is welcome to come for an interview at St Paul’s by appointment. For more details about how to make an appointment to see an advisor, please visit our website: or ring 020 7052 0318. Please don’t struggle alone, make an appointment today.

The Money Course

The Money Course is a relaxed, interactive, accessible course which helps you build your own personal or household budget in order to take better control of your financial situation. There are two different courses:

  • a four-session course which helps you think through wider issues of money management as well as looking at specific topics such as: the importance of financial planning, regular saving, the wise use of credit and the liberation that comes through generous living. 
  •  a single session workshop that  teaches the basics of how to build a household budget and how to ensure you have enough money to pay essential bills. For more information and to register click here

Click here if you would like support us financially. Generously supported by Trust for LondonHammersmith United Charities and Dr Edwards and Bishop King's Fulham Charity.

We're always keen to recruit more volunteers. If you think you could help with meeting clients, doing casework, administrative work or fundriasing, please contact Stephan Wiedmer here.

 stefan-wiedmerStephan Wiedmer
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Crosslight Debt Advice
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