Associated Ministries

Members and friends of St Paul’s have become engaged in ministries which shape the city and are supported by the church. These associated ministries give a glimpse of what our cityshaper vision can look like.

Take a look at some of these areas by reading below and browsing the relevant websites. If you like what you see and would like to get involved yourself then do email us here or contact the ministry directly. If you have an idea for something new, something not yet seen but imagined, then let us know and let's try and make it happen.




Founded by Sam Stephens, Streetbank is a website that helps people share and borrow things from neighbours and friends and fosters community.


The Sycamore Commission

A growing international teaching and equipping ministry committed to the support and reformation of the church. Founded and directed by Mike and Cindy Riches, who spend 3-4 months a year ministering in the UK and Europe.



Founded and run by Revd Dr Viv Thomas, Honorary Teaching Pastor at St Paul’s. Formation is an organisation seeking to develop people in the way they think, feel and respond to society to equip them to form in the image of God. Three principal streams of activity – teaching, consulting and mentoring.

Christian Flat Share

Founded by Ryan Davies as a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping accommodation seekers connect with the local church: finding homes, growing church.


An international development organisation founded by Professor Sir Eldryd Parry OBE, working to improve the health of people in Africa and Asia by focusing on healthcare and services.

Citizens UK

St Paul’s is a founder member of West London Citizens, a powerful grassroots community organisation working with local people.
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